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Beaver DHC2

Quelques feuilles de dépron et un peu de balsa suffisent pour construire cette reproduction du légendaire De Havilland Beaver DHC2. Une motorisation simple et économique, un Speed 400 réducté ou un petit brushless, suffit pour le faire voler.
C'est un modèle facile à construire qui vole très bien. Idéal pour débuter ou se détendre le week-end

Antonis Beaver


 De Havilland DHC2 Beaver rc electric modelDe Havilland DHC2 Beaver rc electric modelDe Havilland DHC2 Beaver rc electric model

Here are some photos, one of which is the original plane of Hellenic Army back to '60s (still flying today as a seaplane in Canada!!).

De Havilland DHC2 Beaver Hellenic Army in the 60s

The model is all balsa and the total weight is around 900 gr. The motor is brushless 1000kv and is strong enough to fly the model. I made transparent windows in order to make it look more realistic. Later I modified the cowl in order to be shorter and look also more realistic (but ballast on nose should be added). Ailerons have one servo each.
There is a video also from one of the first flights on youtube.

Thanks for the drawings and the manufacturing information from aerosquare website!

Antonis Angelopoulos

De Havilland DHC2 Beaver rc electric model