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Le Beaver de Pat Lynch (Australia)


Les commentaires de Pat:

Le Beaver de Pat Lynch Beaver Take off CG was exactly right. For the second flight, I gave a bit of right thrust (no down was needed) and take off required no right rudder. The 400 motor took it to a good altitude in seconds.

For your information - I changed the ailerons back to semiscale length - but 35mm wide. I intend trying flaps at some stage.
The windows are all transparent (against your advice :-) with "bubble" style door windows made.
I left the wheel strut fairings off for the maiden.
All up weight is now closer to 650gm with a larger 3s lipo.
Gliding performance is good - stall recovery is good - but stalls are very gentle and landing is fine.
I am very pleased!
Just a final picture of the Beaver - now with very effective flaps. It seems to perform in a very scale like manner and I am very pleased with it. Here is a photo of it ready for about its 10th flight with full flaps just for the photo (about 1/4 for real take off). All up weight is now 700grams. Note the non scale wheels for our very rough flying field (and no wheel fairings).




Moteur: Robbe 400/45 avec réducteur planétaire 3.3:1
Poids total: Inférieur à 600g avec un pack Lipo 3S 700g avec l'ajout des volets