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Articles about scratch built RC model planes with custom design and models built from traditional kits (not rtf or artf models)

Garden Cub


"Piper" Garden Cub


The Garden Cub, a sort of Piper J3 looking plane is simply fantastic! I built mine in 2000 from a plan found on the internet.She's been flying for over 4 years. I then sold it for 10 Euros to a guy who wrecked it after 2 flights...
The airframe is made of depron and the construction is very easy. The wings are made using a hot wire. But for those who don't have one (everybody should have a hot wire cutter), it's possible to build the wings using a depron sheet and a few more ribs to obtain the correct wing shape. The plane is easy to fly. It can stay in the air for about 20 minutes with 1450 Sanyo NiCad, probably more with Lipo cells. To put the plane in the air, a smooth handlaunch is enough. If you add a small tail wheel, it will take off grom the ground in about 10 meters. This plane is perfect for beginners. The flight is slow enough and easy.

If you'd like to build yours, the plan is available from this site: http://www.sea-gull.demon.co.uk/



Wing span:122 cm
Weight:650 g
Motor: Geared Simprop 400
Batteries: 8 cells Sanyo 1450
Maiden flight:2000