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Flyfly Sabre F-86A Lady Luck video


Sabre F-86A (FlyFly kit) video

Flight of my F-86A Sabre equipped with EPF Hobby electric retractable landing gear
The model is built from a Fly Fly foam  kit that I covered with glass cloth and epoxy resin for a better finish and durability (at the cost of a higher weight in flight).
As the airframe is made of polystyrene foam, it was out of question to use solvent based paints. So I used Tamiya paint to finish the model. I especially like the rendering of aluminum Tamiya gives, although it is sometimes difficult to get a smooth finish when it's airbrushed. but smoothing each coat with 400 grit  sandpaper provides a realistic and convincing surface finsih.
I used the booklet "Walk Around n ° 21 F86 Sabre" published by Squadron Signal to make the paint scheme. It contains several interesting profile views for anyone who wants to make a custom paint scheme for his/her model.
The FlyFly air retracts caused me a lot of trouble.They are  spring air  single action type. This means that the air pressure keeps the landing gear up and a spring provokes the descent of the gears when there is no more air pressure into the cylinders. This system is reliable and efficient if it's well built. Unfortunately the FlyFly retracts leak, the springs are too soft to ensure reliable locking aso. Finally the thread that held the air cylinder on the nose retract  snapped on the first landing!
Tired of battling with this thing, I decided to mount EPF Hobby electric retracts.The installation of this retracts does not pose any particular problem, with the exception of the front wheel. You must indeed be a bit inventive to accommodate the steering servo forward!
The video presented here shows the first flight of the Sabre with its new retracts.  It weighs 3kg AUW which is heavier than if you fly the crude polystyrene model out of its box!
Yet given the size of this plane, 3kg is very reasonable. The Wemotec Midifan running on 6S takes it all in without any problem, at low speed the Sabre floats in the air and landing is just a piece of cake.

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