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All foam electric Piper Seneca


seneca_01.jpgThis very nice Piper Seneca is built from foam and depron. Jorge Nolla designed the model. You can download the plans from his site: A guide for electric planes having already flown. I have built a slightly bigger version, in order to install Speed 400 motors and to have enough room for the 1100Mah 8 cells packs I use. This plane flies very well, quite fast with sharp turns. She can take off from the ground in less than 15 meters The model I built was a bit heavy. This is because of the finishing made with 25g clothing and epoxy resin. This is useless, as it wont really protect the airframe, it gives the plane a better finishing though.


Wing span:110 cm
AUW:900 g
Motors: 2 speed 400 7.2 volts
Propellers: Graupner 6x4
Batteries: 8 cells Sanyo1100 AAU
Maiden flight:2002