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Electric powered Canadair CL 415 model

Construction of a Canadair CL 415 powered with 2 brushless motors. 1m70 (67 inches) Wingspan. The original design was published in the french magazine Modèle Magazine in 2001.

CL415 - Finishing



If you had the courage to follow until there, time has come to give the final touch to your bird before you rush to the flying field.

I've covered the plane using Oracover, which is the same kind of film as Monokote.
If you want to add more details, you will easily find plenty of photos on the net.
On Bombardier.com you will find some very nice pictures and a picture of the instrument panel if you wih to detail the cockpit.
I've drawn the side markings and the logos with Corel Draw.  The following archives contain all the markings and logos, in Corel and GIF format

Marking and logos - Corel Draw format

Marking and logos - GIF format


I've printed the doors and windows on adhesive paper for laser printer. You will probably achieve a  better result with water slide paper.