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Electric powered Canadair CL 415 model

Construction of a Canadair CL 415 powered with 2 brushless motors. 1m70 (67 inches) Wingspan. The original design was published in the french magazine Modèle Magazine in 2001.

CL 415 - Wings



 Wings require patience and time to build them. Thanks to their constant chord shape they are not complex to build. In addition as the airfoil has a flat intrados, you don't need any "cale" during the construction.
But installing engine mounts, floats, winglets, flaps... require a lot of careful work.

CL 415 wingAlthough the plane will fly very well without it, the flaps add a very nice scale touch. They also give the possibility to make very short landing. Which is quite spectacular.
Unless you adapt some exisitng hinges, you have to machine 8 pairs of hinges for the flaps. I've made them out of epoxy board. A CNC milling machine will be a great help to build them.
Each aileron is controlled by a servo (Hitec HS81).  Flaps are controlled using  only one servo  that drive  a main  shaft  as on the original plan.
control horns