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Electric powered Canadair CL 415 model

Construction of a Canadair CL 415 powered with 2 brushless motors. 1m70 (67 inches) Wingspan. The original design was published in the french magazine Modèle Magazine in 2001.

CL415 - Introduction


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The Canadair is one of my favorite planes. I couldn't resist when Modèle Magazine published in June 2001 the plans for an electric model.
The quite complete and detailed drawings where published in two parts, June and July 2001.
I followed the construction method suggested by the author, but looking back I think he sometimes complicated things more than they needed!
The choice to use balsa lattice for the airframe makes it difficult to convert it into a real amphibian airplane. This Canadair cannot go in the water! However it would be possible to modify the plans if you want something water proof!
The motors were the main source of trouble. At first, I installed the ones suggested by the author of the plans: 2 Speed 400 6 volts geared 1.85:1 with 7 or 8 cells Nicad cells. With those engines my airplane never took off. I then decided to go wild and installed two brushless Elios 20.Since then she's been flying perfectly (even too powerful).
In these pages I have detailed the overall construction process and detailed some modifications I made to the original design.
As usual I also converted the plans to CADincluding the modifications. The modified parts are available for download at the end of this article.
If you wish to build this airplane I suggest you also refer to the original article and order the drawings from Modèle Magazine.