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CL 415 - Airframe


The airframe

If you've been working hard, that's what you should get after a few hours (months) of hard work in your workshop.



The fuselage is a balsa lattice as on the original plan. I takes time to build it but in the end you get a beautiful looking very light airframe

If I build another version of this bird I will probably sheet the fuselage and cover it with light fg cloth to make a real amphibian version.

Important note.

BTW this applies to any model you build. When you look at the side view of the plane on the plan or on a 3 view drawing, you see a projected view of the plane. It means that it's not the real dimension of the object, since the side of the fuselage is not parallel to the projection plane (ie the drawing sheet). Unless the fuselage is a completely square box.
The drawing below shows in green the side projected view and in red the developed view. This last one gives the real size of the parts. Thats the one you have to use to build the two sides of the fuselage (also included in the CL 415 archive).