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Philippe's Jepe Spitfire


Spitfire RENO racer version

spit_phil_01_small.jpgManufacturer: JEPE
fiberglass fuse, foam sheeted with samba wing

Wingspan: 109 cm
Length: 87cm
Airfoil: 9%
Radio: 3 channels (elevator, ailerons , motor)

Motor: MEGA 22/20/3
Propeller: Aeronaut carbon 7x7
Batteries: Lipos Polyquest 3700 2x2s 30c for a better cooling

Receiver: schulze alpha-8.40w
AUW: 1300grs (Bungee launch recommended)

spit_phil_02_small.jpg Speed: 180 km/h! We are waiting for maiden flight report and more inflight pics. Good luck Phil ;-)

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