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Airbus A320

The following articles present the design and construction of a scratch built semi-scale twin edf Airbus A320. Plans are available in various formats.

Twin edf Airbus A320 - Wings


The wings

The ribs are cut using a cnc milling machine

And you thought you were done?
You still have to build a pair of wings and add a few more hours of work before your bird is ready to take off.
The wings are built using the traditional method of balsa ribs and spars.
Once again a CNC milling machine is very helpful to cut all the parts needed.

The ribs are cut using a cnc milling machine


Building the wing

I've used a traditional design to build the wings. You shouldn't have any difficulty here if you are familiar with balsa construction.


retouche des encoches pour les longerons sur les nervures

Because of the sweep you have to file the slots for the spars.
the root rib is positioned at 85° because of the diedral angle( 5°).

Calage de la nervure supportant les nacelles réacteur

As for the root rib, the ones that support the engines are also positioned with an angle. By doing so, once the wings are completed and installed on the plane, the two fans will be vertical.

The aileron is made of balsa structure

detail of one aileron.

The main spar is sheeted with 15/10 balsa
Le longeron principal de l'aile est cloisonné avec du balsa de 15/10. Le fil du bois est vertical.


A320 wing almost finished

This wing is almost ready. I still need to add the wing tip shaped from a balsa block and to sheet the wing with 15/10 balsa on the forepart. I'm sure it's going to be much faster for the second one.