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Airbus A320

The following articles present the design and construction of a scratch built semi-scale twin edf Airbus A320. Plans are available in various formats.

Twin edf Airbus A320 - Fuselage continued


Assembling the two halves of the shell

The two halves of the A320 fuselage before assembly

Detail of the fuselage

Nose part

Now that you spent a few hours building these parts, it's time for the assembly.

Assembling the fuselage
First, you have to double and triple check that everything fits correctly. If you did a good job, there should not be any problem here! Once everything is adjusted, the parts are glued together to form the fuselage.
Nose gear has to be installed before assembly. A further installation would be difficult.

Shaping the nose of the plane from a balsa block The nose of the plane is shaped from a balsa block. I used the same technique for the tail and the fake APU (see plan).


Bare fuselage weighs 240g (8.46 oz). Which is more than reasonable for a 1m35 (53.15 in) long piece and 15 cm diameter.