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Airbus A320

The following articles present the design and construction of a scratch built semi-scale twin edf Airbus A320. Plans are available in various formats.

Twin edf Airbus A320 - The airframe


Building the fuselage

Airbus A320 -3D view

Since we have to start with something, why not the fuselage?
The fuselage is made of two halves sheeted with 15/10 mm balsa. Once completed these two halves are glued together to form the airframe.
This method is very efficient and let you build very impressive airframes. It is also particularly adapted for rounded bodies like this A320 we're about to build.
Building the fuselage using this method is not difficult as long as you are patient and careful with your work.
Don't forget that you need to build two symetrical parts! Like for the wings ;-)