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Airbus A320

The following articles present the design and construction of a scratch built semi-scale twin edf Airbus A320. Plans are available in various formats.

Twin edf Airbus A320 - Download the plans


Download the plans of the Airbus A320 rc model

If you want to build this beautiful bird, start by downloading the plans and study them carefully.
The plans and drawings to build this electric RC Airbus A320 are available in DXF, DWG and PDF format.

Preview of the plans for the Airbus A320

Name Date File size Hits    
Plans Airbus A320 RC format PDF 2012-12-10 2.34 MB 8247
Plans Airbus A320 RC format DXF 2012-12-10 9.88 MB 12118
Plans Airbus A320 RC format DWG 2012-12-10 8.22 MB 7040

NOTE: drawings units is millimeter. All dimensions are in millimeter.
15/10 balsa means 1.5 mm thick balsa

You can download and use those plans free of charge as long as it remains for personnal non commercial purpose. All commercial use of those plans is strictly forbidden without prior written consent of the author.