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Twin edf Airbus A320 - paintwork


La finition

Almost done!

I've covered the fuselage with "Japan paper" and applied several coats of nitrocellulosic varnish before the paint work. Same method was used for the wings. Light fiber glass and epoxy resin will give even better results.

If you want to do a decent paintjob, don't hesitate to invest in a decent airbrush! Most "airbrushes" and spray guns sold in DIY stores don't deserve their name. I finally bought a touch-up gun  ANEST IWATA LPH 50 and since then I have beautiful results.
For detailing a good double action airbrush is also a great tool. The Iwata Revolution series are affordable and perfect for our use

I decided to paint this model using the SAS color scheme. Which is not very "scale" since SAS doesn't own any A320 at the moment it their fleet.

If you don't feel comfortable with painitng, you can use thermo film like Solar, Oracover or Monokote It's also easier to repair in case of damage to the plane.
The doors and windows are stickers printed on a color inkjet printer and applied to the fuselage.

A320 peint aux couleurs SAS

A320 painted in SAS colorscheme

A320 painted in SAS colorscheme

A320 painted in SAS colorscheme

Last step, is motor and radio installation. For this version, I didn't use Vasafan edf as initally planned.
Instead I've installed 2 brushless Mega 16-15-5  turning APC 6x4 props.
Because of the propellers, i had to make the landing gear slightly higher. But the clearance between the props and the ground is only 15mm (5/8''). Don't expect to take off from grass with this plane.