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Twin edf Airbus A320 - Dummy engines & Landing gear


Dummy engines

Fake engines parts

You need to build the fake engines only if you decide to equip your plane with propellers instead of ducted fans. In flight nobody will notice the 2 props anyway.
If you use ducted fans like the VasaFan 65 G you won't need those parts.

Structure of the fake engine before covered

The fake fan is built using plywood rings and spars joining the rings together. The whole structure is sheeted with 10/10 balsa.
The overall result is quite pleasing.

The Speed 400 motor visible on the picture is used only to check the location of the different components. I've used 2 Mega 16-15-5 with apc 6x5 props to power this plane.

Peinture faux moteurs

On the foreground one "engine" is finished and painted using the SAS color scheme


Turning a master with a balsa block

Turning a master shape from a balsa block.The master shape will be used to make a vacuum formed plastic cowl. I finally didn't use this solution.

Mise en place du master pour le thermoformage

The master is placed on the vacuum table to shape the cowl.

Custom built vacuum table

The custom built vaccum table and the plastic sheet cooling down on the master shape. I finally didn't use this solution, but the result wasn't bad at all.

Sous couche aluminium

I've applied several coats of nitrocellulosic primer. Then I've sprayed one coat of Tamiya "Flat aluminium" and finally the red color

Faux réacteur terminé

Landing gear

Parts used for the main landing gear


Une jambe du train d'atterrissage principal terminée

I've made the main landing gear with the parts shown on the left photo. If I build a new version of this bird, I will definitely install retracts and edf engines.

We now have built all the parts needed for our plane. Next step is gonna be the assembly, making sure everything is straight.