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Twin edf Airbus A320 - Central part of the wings



Central box

Central part of the wing on the table

Wing joiners are installed on the central part. Once this part is finished, we will glue the wing to the central box.

In order to complete the wings for this bird, we need to build the central part that will links the two wings together.
I have also installed most of the radio equipment inside the central "box".

Building area for the central box

It is mandatory to use the building beds as they are drawn on the plans to build the central part of the wing.
I have made some updates and modifications to the plans after I built this prototype. The pictures shown here differ a bit from the final version on the plans. but the building method remains the same.

Detail of the central part

Cutting foam blocks to fill the sides of the box

I've used foam to fill the sides of the box and give it its final shape.
I suggest to use light balsa blocks. It will be more resistant and durable.

Sanding the foam

Sanding the foam blocks to get the right shape

Assembly detail of the box to the airframe

As the box is very thick,I've made balsa rolled tubes to guide the screws to the assembly holes.
You may want to improve thi, and find a better solution to attach the wing to the fuselage...


Sheeting the box with 15/10 balsa

Once the box is built, I've used 1.5mm balsa to sheet it. It's not necessary to sheet the upper part as shown on the photo above.
Note the foam blocks used to fill the side of the box. As noted before, balsa blocks would be a better choice.

A320 left wing

Trial fit of one wing to the central box.
On the final version of the wing, I didn't sheet the whole wing with balsa. Although I think it gives a better aspect to the wing, and it doesn't add so much extra weight.