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Twin edf Airbus A320 - assembling the airframe components


Assembling the components

Rear part of the fuselage

By now, you should have built a fuselage, the stabilizer and the vertical fin plus tail control surfaces.
Just glue all that together and the fuselage is done!
I have not sheeted yet the rear part of the fuselage to properly position tail surfaces.
The last two depron formers have slots to properly align the stabilizer.


Checking the correct geometry of the airframe

Checking geometry and alignment of the tail surfaces.

Vertical fin and stabilizer

Once the tail surfaces are glued we can install pushrods and control horns for the elevator and rudder.


Detail of the rudder control and pushrods


Pushrods are made with carbon rods and piano wires at each end. A ball linkage is used instead of a standard control horn. This ensures a smooth link with no gap.
The rudder pushrod is placed inside the fuselage. It is important to install this part before sheeting the fuselage as nothing will be accessible from outside the plane.