Twin edf Airbus A320 - Vertical fin and rudder


The vertical fin is a balsa structure sheeted with 10/10 balsa
It has a scale section. This is going to be more work, but the result is much more accurate than a deceptive flat section.
All the parts needed are detailed in the plans. you will have to pay a lot of attention when building this part if you don't want to end up with a twisted fin.
All the spars are cut from balsa planks (see plan for thickness)
Use a jigsaw or a milling machine to create the slots in the spars.


Assembling the vertical fin

Milling a notch in the balsa spar

It is best to use a milling machine to create the slots. Using the right diameter bit, you will mill exactly the correct width for the slot, but you can also precisely adjust depth and milling angle.

Once built the vertical fin is sheeted with 10/10 mm balsa. The rudder is only covered with the material of your choice (solar, oracover, monokote, silk...)

After you sheeted the structure, plane the spars down then sand leading and trailing edges to the right shape.