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Twin edf Airbus A320 - 3D modeling the plane


Modeling the plane and designing the parts

A few images of the 3d model to explain the design process that made possible to build this plane.

3D model of the Airbus A3203D model of the Airbus A320

I've designed a 3D model to build virtually the plane.
The same 3D model will also provide theconstruction drawings and the CNC files to cut the different parts.
The airframe is built in two halves, using 3mm depron foam for the ribs and balsa spars. The structure is then be sheeted with 1.5mm balsa.
Depron foam offer the following advantages:
It's about 4 times lighter than balsa in the same thickness.
It's much cheaper than balsa.
But it is quite fragile, doesn't resist great stress and get easily scratched. Well you cannot get it all...

Front view of the A320 3D modelFront view of the 3D model

A320 vue planTop view of the 3D model

Some might notice that the wing are not 100% scale.I've tried to keep scale proportions, but still, I needed to cheat a bit and make the wings bigger.
Don't forget that the real A320 cruises at 900 km/h
My first plan was to use 2 Vasafan 65G EDF as powerplants. Those edf units can take 400 or 480 class brushed or brushless motors and they have a nice scale look for easy installation on the plane.
But finally I decided to use 2 Mega 16-15-5 brushless motors with APC 6x4 props instead.

Left view of the Airbus A320 3D model