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Erkki's Beaver


Maybe the nicest Beaver built!

Thanks a lot for your plan. It's such a nice airplane!
This plane is the CF-FHB-X, the first Beaver in the world.

CFFHBX_2_sm.jpgHere are some photos for you. I will send in flight photos when we can take them (now here is winter and too much wind or fog...impossible to fly :( ) maybe next week. If you want more photos or some details, please ask.

I made my Beaver using your plans. Cowl is little different. Base material is depron (3mm/6mm). Some parts are balsa and plywood.

CFFHBX_3_sm.jpgMotor: HET-RC Typhoon Micro 15/10 brushless motor (250W)
: Castle Creations Phoenix 25
Propeller: APC 10x3.8 SF
Lipoly-batteries: Etec 3s 1250mAh
Receiver: Futaba R116F 6-channel 3000ft receiver.


CFFHBX_1_sm.jpgI made different aileron and flaps (both using own servos). Whole mechanism is inside wing. Rudder and elevator mechanism is also inside fuselage (last end of fuselage is possible open if need service). I covered whole plane using plastic based real aluminium tape. Weight (include battery) is 790g. There is flying and landing lights in wing and they can control via R/C.

Beaver is very nice to fly and landing using flaps is very easy.

If you want to see, pictures of my planes you will find



CFFHBX_flyb6_sm.jpg CFFHBX_flyb8_sm.jpg