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Jean-Luc Hamot' Beaver


 "Thanks for the plans, the plane is fantastic, perfect for a beginner. In flight she's very stable and flies slowly. You can remove the landing gear to save weight and make it easier to land on grass. I send you a few pics, so you can add them to your site."



Beaver JL HamotBuilding the plane in the living room!

Beaver de JL Hamot Before maiden flight. She's beautiful, but too heavy (850g) because I've installed heavy old radio stuff ...
..... Didn't last very long...

And there you go for another round.Plane is lighet with no landing gear. But this time maybe we should change the pilot ;-) Wing collapses in flight after some rocky style flight. Again the nose is damaged

Beaver réparéDoesn't matter. We fix it once again, install lighter servos (9g) . Plane is now 750g.

Final version is much lighter and functional!