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Cutting the parts


Cutting the parts

The next step is to cut all the parts needed to build the plane. When finished you should obtain a nice puzzle like this:

Pièces Beaver DHC2Pièces Beaver DHC2

Isn't it nice? It looks like a kit. The 2 plywood rings shown on the bottom right of the photo should be made with depron foam instead. It will be much lighter.


To cut the parts:

Solution 1: You own a CNC cutter

In this case you can download the dxf parts files and import them directly into your favorite CAM software.
But you have to remember that I organized the files depending on my machine and my working habits. You may have to reorganize them.
If you have already downloaded the file DHC2_decoupe_cnc.DXF, you don't need to download each file individually.

This ZIP archive available for download:

Name Date File size Hits    
Découpes pièces Beaver DHC2 RC 2012-12-10 651.08 KB 1645

contains all the parts files needed to build the depron Beaver DHC2 parkflier.

fraisage pieces Beaver DHC2 RCDécoupe numérique des pièces pour le Beaver

Solution 2: : You don't have a CNC.

How can you live without it? Time to build one! you can have a look at the CNC section of this site to find more information.
But for now get yourself a cutter and some new blades!
Most parts are made of 3 and 6 mm depron foam. Nothing really complex here. Just be careful to make clear cuts, assembly will be easier.
The few plywood parts will be cut using a jigsaw.
If you want to use the bitmap files (gif) to print your parts, check that the size is correct when printing them. Full size is achieved wheb printing at 72 DPI. For a better quality printing you should use the DXF files.

The size of each panel is there as an indication. It has a margin of 5 mm around the parts.


pièces depron pour le Beaver

Parts depron 3 mm. Part 1
Depron 3mm: 500 x 300
Fiber orientation: 500 mm
Cutting file: dhc2_depron_3mm_n1.dxf
Bitmap file (gif): dhc2_depron_3mm_01.gif

pièces depron pour le Beaver

Parts depron 3 mm. Part 2
Depron 3mm: 230 x 300
Fiber orientation: 300 mm
Cutting file: dhc2_depron_3mm_n2.dxf
Bitmap file (gif): dhc2_depron_3mm_02.gif

Pièces Beaver DHC2

Ribs. Depron 3mm
Depron 3mm: 300 x 175
Fiber orientation: 300 mm
Cutting file: dhc2_nervures.dxf
Bitmap file (gif): nervures_depron_3mm.gif

Pièces Beaver DHC2

Parts depron 6 mm
Depron 6mm: 745 x 265
Fiber orientation: 745 mm
Cutting file: dhc2_depron_6mm.dxf
Bitmap file (gif): dhc2_depron_6mm.gif

Flanc droit dépron pour le Beaver DHC2

Right side
Depron 3mm: 753 x 180
Fiber orientation: 753 mm
Cutting file: dhc2_flanc_droit.dxf
Bitmap file (gif): flanc_droit_depron_3mm.gif

Flanc gauche dépron pour le Beaver DHC2

Left side
Depron 3mm: 753 x 180
Fiber orientation: 753 mm
Cutting file: dhc2_flanc_gauche.dxf
Bitmap file (gif): flanc_gauche_depron_3mm.gif

Fond du fuselage dépron

Fuselage bottom
Depron 3mm: 753 x 180
Fiber orientation: 753 mm
Cutting file: dhc2_fond_avion.dxf
Bitmap file (gif):fond_avion_depron_3mm.gif

Pièces ctp 20/10 pour le Beaver

Parts plywood 2mm
plywood 2mm: 160 x 125
Fiber orientation: 125 mm
Cutting file: dhc2_pieces_ctp_2mm.dxf
Bitmap file (gif): pieces_ctp_2mm.gif

Engine wall and windshield holder

Boitier accus dépron

Battery case Depron 6mm
Depron 6mm: 286 x 140
Fiber orientation: 286 mm
Cutting file: dhc2_boite_accus_6mm.dxf
Bitmap file (gif):boite_accus_depron_6mm.gif

Parts needed to build the battery case

Support moteur ctp 30/10 Beaver DHC2

Engine mount. Plywood 3mm
plywood 3mm: 100 x 60
Fiber orientation: 100 mm
Cutting file: dhc2_support_moteur_ctp2.dxf

Parts needed to build an engine mount for a Speed 400 motor.

All done? Time to build the fuselage then...