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RC planes

Ongoing projects, models built with description and plans available
Model reviews
Detailed construction from  kits


  • RC planes construction

    Articles about scratch built RC model planes with custom design and models built from traditional kits (not rtf or artf models)

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  • Models reviews and tests

    Tests and reviews for models and rc equipment

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  • Airbus A320

    The following articles present the design and construction of a scratch built semi-scale twin edf Airbus A320. Plans are available in various formats.

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  • Beaver DHC2

    A sheet of depron foam and some bits of balsa.
    You shouldn't need much more than that to build this half scale model of the legendary Beaver DHC2.
    A simple geared Speed 400 is enough to fly it. You can also decide to install a small brushless to have even better performances than with the Speed 400 motor.
    It's an easy to build model and it has very good flight characteristics. That's a perfect plane for a beginner or for relaxed flight on a Sunday.

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  • Electric powered Canadair CL 415 model

    Construction of a Canadair CL 415 powered with 2 brushless motors. 1m70 (67 inches) Wingspan. The original design was published in the french magazine Modèle Magazine in 2001.

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