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Canadair flying and scooping over Saint Cassien Lake (France)

CL 415 approaching St Cassien Lake in FranceJuly 16 2007, a devastating forest fire in south of France led 7 Canadair of the "Sécurité Civile" to scoop water on the Saint Cassien lake. It is too often under tragic circumstances that we can see those beautiful planes flying.

Can you imagine 7 planes flying in close formation, passing a few meters above the bridge (car traffic was forbidden when the planes were passing) and litterally diving onto the lake to scoop water?

Canadair Cl 415 approaching over St Cassien Lake CL 415 39 extreme low pass over a bridge for scooping

As the lake is not straight and rather narrow, pilots had to do a tricky manoeuver while they scooped water. They climbed up at the last second, passed over the Tanneron hill and flew back over the fire to drop water.
We can only admire the job, these pilots have been doing that day. Flying for several hours in severe conditions, not even 10 minutes passed between each scooping.

Cl 415 37 scooping on Lake St Cassien France - 16 July 2007 2 Canadair CL 415 steep climbing after scooping

100 years aviation in Sweden

 Ljungbyhed air show, 5 September 2010 - Sweden 100 years Aviation

This is a video compilation of the air show that took place at Ljungbyhed, 5th September 2010, for the 100 years of aviation in Sweden.

Flying a Stearman PT 17 over California

Did you ever dream about flying a real Stearman PT 17?

I invite you to discover a few photos taken in summer 2005 flying this legendary plane.


Dave's beautiful Stearman PT17

During summer 2005 I had the opportunity to pay a visit to Dave. He's a plane collector. And among other superb machines, he owns this beautiful Stearman PT 17.

Dave's Stearm PT 17 - Ready to take off

This beautiful bird is from 1942. She was supposed to join Canadian forces during WW2. But finally she stayed into a warehouse until the 70s. Dave bought it about 20 years ago. And since then he kept this PT-17 in a perfect condition.

Dave is tweaking engine idle

Prop start!
Idle adjustment: 550 rpm
The 450 hp 7 cylinders star engine spits smoke and oil and finally turns quietly. Swallowing 20 gallons per hour. Not really economical!

And beware to your arms or your head when you adjust the idle while the prop is turning!



Rock'n Roll Baby !

Sharp turn with the Stearman PT-17

Sharp turn and flyby above the runway

Inflight picture with the Stearman PT-17

Rock'n Roll!
Such a big moment to find myself seating into the cockpit of this flying legend above the Californian mountains.

Inflight picture with the Stearman PT-17

When you are in the passenger seat, the view is even better. Dave is flying the plane from the rear seat.
Suddenly I can hear him shouting in the earphones: "Now you fly the plane!"
To make it more understandable he's shaking his hands in front of my rear mirror.
He really wants me to fly that plane!

"Keep the speed around 90-100 mph to fly level"

View from the Stearman PT-17 cockpit

I'm a bit intimidated. But this bird is really a pleasure to fly.
Dave trimmed the plane so the controls are soft and the PT-17 is stable and react nicely to my orders.

My turns are far from being perfect. Each time I can see the "bubble" on the instrument panel leaving its center...Dave kindly pretends not to see it
Landing is another story, but I gave back the controls before!



Keep it up

Piper Super Cub

We just landed, but a good friend of Dave joined us and offers to go for a flight with his Super Cub.
What a wonderful day!

PT-17 in flight

Dave couldn't resist. He took uf again just after us to join us for another flight.
The two planes are flying quietly side by side. That's a perfect opportunity to take a few photos of the PT-17 in flight.

PT-17 in flight