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A Homemade CNC milling machine

CNC - Xavier Maquet' machine p3

Xavier finished his machine and everything works as planned!
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Thanks to Xavier for this beautiful work and all the pictures.


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Connexion CNC

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Y axis construction details

Mecanique axe Y
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Z axis gearing

Entrainement de l'axe Z
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Milling head: Dremel

Moteur de broche: une mini perceuse Dremel
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Fixation du moteur de broche

Detail of the belt tensioning system

Tenseur de courroie axe Z
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Tenseur de courroie axe Y
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X axis carriage

On the foreplan detail of the Z axis carriage pulley

Chariot axe X
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On the background you can see the shaft linking the 2 X axis carriages.
The 2 X carriages are driven by the same stepper motor.

Chariot axe X et poulie retour courroie axe Z
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