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A Homemade CNC milling machine

CNC - Building 4

Construction files

vue_3d_max.gifIf you wish to build a machine like mine, I provide the drawings and plans free of charge.
Carefully study ALL the documents before starting to build. This machine works pretty well. But there is a lot of room for improvement!
By the way if I build a new version, I will probably modify some parts!
Note: The X axis carriages have been modified to improve stability. The modification is not shown on the 2D drawings. Please refer to the 3D files and the photos to see the modification.
And If you build a machine using those plans, I'd be very happy to see what you've done. A photo of you machine will always be welcome!

Name Date File size Hits    
Plans CNC - Autocad DXF 2012-12-10 2.33 MB 21359
Plans CNC (Turbocad) 2012-12-10 2.65 MB 10934
CNC - Support tête fraiseuse (Autocad DXF) 2012-12-10 43.76 KB 4675
CNC - Support tête fraiseuse (Autocad DWG) 2012-12-10 43.67 KB 8141
CNC - 3D model (3DS) 2012-12-10 3.32 MB 4805
CNC - Vue 3D (Turbocad) 2012-12-10 1.12 MB 4187
CNC - Image 3D (GIF) 2012-12-10 66.49 KB 7411

These documents are made available free of charge for hobby and private use only. I do not guarantee anything and I am not responsible for any possible mistake that might be found in these documents, or injury, problems, losses, that could result from the use of a machine built using those plans.
The usage must be exclusively private. All commersial usage is strictly forbidden without my express consent.


A few improvments you can add:

A light to properly position the milling cutter.
Cooling fan on the spindle head.
Emergency stop.