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A Homemade CNC milling machine

CNC - Introduction

CNC What does it means?

cnc_vue_01.jpgCNC is an acronym for "Computer Numerical Control". It means that a machine tool like a lathe or a milling machine for example, is controlled by a computer to perform a series of operations. If this kind of equipement is quite common in the industry, it was highly unthinkable to build or buy such a machine for hobby usage just a few years ago. Then a handful of ingenious guys started to play around and made the path easier for everybody.

A CNC to do what?

Before I build a new model, I always draw the plans in a CAD program.

It's relly good to use the precision of a computerized drawing. But why bother with computers if you then cut the pieces with a jig-saw or by hand? The CNC milling machine is the solution. Directly controlled by the computer, you get a stunningly precise result, and you can reproduce the same piece over and over again. Say goodbye to the cutter, blocks of ribs and badly cut pieces using the jig-saw.

Models and site references:

I did not invent anything (or not too much anyway) to build my machine. You find lots of information and amateur creations on the Internet. Most of them are inspired by the model done by Guillaume Coquery. He's found simple and workable solutions which doesn't cost a fortune. These solutions let you build a machine with almost professional performance. He has also written a very good software to control the milling machine. If you want to build your own cnc milling machine, a visit to his site is a must
The aeromaniacs site and the cnc25 mailing list are very useful when you start such a project. The members on the mailing list answered many of the questions that came up during the design and construction of my machine. The machines made by Thierry Monnot and Jean-François Delhove are also really good creations that are worth studying before starting.

Technical specifications of the model presented:


1210 x 765 mm

Vue perspective de la machine cnc

Working area (mm):

800 (X axis) x 350 (Y axis) x 80 (Z axis)

Stepper motors:

Sanyo Denki. 5 volts 1 amp/phase unipolar 200 steps/round

Power supply:

13.8 volts 20 ampères

Driving system:

T type Belt 5 mm pitch

Theoretical precision:

0.05 mm using 1/2 step mode

Spindle motor:

Proxxon IB/E milling drilling tool

Control board: